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International class Experiential education

Iselinge Hogeschool, Doetinchem Nl,  welcomes you to attend our international class “Experiential education: teaching and learning in the EU-region” (15 ECTS).

Spring semester, March 1st to May 12th 2018

For who:
third and fourth year students of ETEN universities of professional education, specialising in the level of kindergarten or primary


  • Content knowledge: To be able to look with a multidisciplinary view to an unknown EU region near a frontier (the Netherlands and Germany)  and study historical, economical, natural, socio-cultural, and geological aspects by cooperative and independent research (lectures, seminars, interviews, documentation analysis, excursions, participative observation during a four days march in the region);
  • Pedagogical content knowledge: applying multiple didactical strategies, (e.g. Teaching for learning T4L, story line approach, cooperative strategies) adapted to the pupils and content and in the context of both outdoor and indoor education;
  • Pedagogical content knowledge: applying Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) as well as other didactical strategies to teach English as a second or third language to pupils between 4 and 12 years old;
  • Attitude: Development of Intercultural competencies such as communicating with and goal- oriented working in multinational groups of students and teams of primary schools


  • You will take part in the international English language class of Iselinge Hogeschool, consisting of students from both Iselinge and other (EU) countries and form a duo with a Dutch student;
  • You will attend lectures two days a week, attend practical period with your duo approximately one day a week, and conduct research and/or follow excursions two days a week resulting in papers, presentations and a portfolio;
  • You will prepare and teach English lessons surrounding a theme together with an international student team for a full week in a Dutch and in a German school;
  • The last week of the program (Wednesday 9th of May up til Saturday 12th of May) you will walk a four days march, each day 20, 30 or 40 kilometres to be chosen beforehand. Each route has interesting historical and socio-cultural aspects, which will be studied and discussed in class the weeks before.



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